Adelita Spanish Language School
Study and Learn in Guanajuato, Mexico

About Us

At Adelita, we ensure that each of our students receive an interactive, methodical education including constant interaction and immersion in the 'real world'. Our modern teaching methods are effective and result in a natural progression of learning for our students.

Our learning curriculum is designed for all kinds of interests and needs of language learning, regardless of the professional or occupational field of our students.

Our courses are flexible enough to adapt to the needs of our students. We have carefully developed a curriculum for both long-term and short-term learners, knowing that the reasons are different for each world traveler embarking on an adventure of knowledge.

In order to provide a complete, varied and affordable learning system such as ours, we have the appropriate educational level and knowledge to support any student no matter what the student's learning experience has been before pursuing their studies with us.

We can also emphasize that with our professional teaching methods and highly prepared teaching faculty, our students will learn the language without any special skills.

Special abilities or knowledge of the language is not necessary to achieve the desired level of fluency. Our fundamental principles are: diversity, respect and inclusion.


"Knowledge vitalizes and empowers the spirit of the mind"

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